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Amber Alert Awareness Week 2010

Amber Alert

January 13, 2010

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 was National Amber Alert Day.

The Amber Alert is an extension of the Federal Emergency Alert System and is named after abduction victim Amber Hagerman that was abducted on this date.

For the week up to this date, January 7th - 13th, 1580 KGAL and our sister station 920 KSHO aired an extensive Public Service Advertising Campaign and a special Valley Talk designed to increase public awareness of the program.


Live Local Radio Broadcast

Wed. 1/13/2010
11:06 am on 1580 KGAL

Joining KGAL Valley Talk Host Jim Willhight will be Bill Johnstone, Executive Director of the Oregon Association of Broadcasters (tentative), Lt. Molly Cotter from the Oregon State Police Northern Command Center in Salem, and Broadcast Engineer for McKenzie River Broadcasting in Eugene (KMGE, KKNU, Bob 105) Chris "Ichabod" Murray, Chair of the Oregon State Emergency Communications Committee.

Free Mp3 Downloads from Past Valley Talk Amber Alert Shows

  • Mp3 Download January 13, 2010. Bill Johnstone, Lt. Molly Cotter, Chris Murray.

  • Mp3 Download January 2009. Bill Johnstone, Lt. James Rentz, Chris Murray.

  • Mp3 Download January 2008. Bill Johnstone, Lt. James Rentz, Chris Murray.

  • Mp3 Download January 2007: [Part 1] or [Part 2]. Bill Johnstone, Lt. James Rentz, Chris Murray.

  • Mp3 Downloads from January 2005 Shows
    • Tuesday 1/11/2005.
      Cop Talk with Valley Talk host Jim Willhight- Subject: Amber Alert. Lt. 16:12 1/1/2009 Col. Greg Willeford from the Oregon State Police joined us on our monthly feature, Cop Talk. The Lt. Col. is the head of the Governor's Amber Alert Program. Oregon State Police Oregon Amber Alert Page.

    • Wednesday, January 12, 2005 [AudiPart 1] and [AudiPart 2].
      Mike Martin from Security Alarm Corporation, sponsor of KGAL and KSH's Amber Alert Awareness Week joined us tdiscuss SAC, Valley Fire Control, Paragon Communications and Albany Lock & Key Service.

    • Thursday 1/13/2005
      Amber Alert- From the Oregon Association of Broadcasters, Bill Johnstone Executive Director joined us tdiscuss Radiand Television participation in the Amber Alert program alsjoining us Broadcast Engineer for McKenzie River Broadcasting in Eugene (KMGE, KKNU, Bob 105) Chris "Ichabod" Murray, Chair of the Oregon State Emergency Communications Committee.

      Free mp3 downloads of this show: Part One audi, Part Twand Part Three of the audiarchives.

      Amber Alert
      Links of Interest

    • National Amber Alert Portal

    • Oregon AMBER Alert Web Portal

    • Wireless Amber Alerts

    • Oregon Amber Alert Home Page

    • Oregon AMBER Alert Portal FAQs

    • Oregon State Police Missing Children Clearinghouse. Summary of Oregon's Amber Alerts and their outcome.

    • Oregon State Emergency Alert System (EAS) Page.

    • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:

    • Missing and Exploited Children: Amber Alert Page

    • Polly Klaas Foundation. The Polly KlaasŪ Foundation is a national nonprofit that helps find missing children, prevents children from going missing, and promotes laws like Amber Alert that help keep children safe.


    • What is EAS Page: from Oregon AmberAlert.Com

    • AMBER Alert Wikipedia Listing

    • Oregon State Amber Alerts as of 1/1/2009
      12 Alerts, 14 Children Recovered
      #1- 03/13/03 Redmond

      #2- 04/05/03 Salem

      #3- 12/01/03 Grants Pass

      #4- 03/10/04 Mt.Vernon, WA

      #5- 03/19/04 Shady Cove

      #6- 04/20/04 Josephine C
      #7- 04/24/04 Eugene

      #8- 08/09/04 CHP

      #9- 10/14/04 Mt. Angel and Linn County Involvement (see below)

      #10- 09/19/05 Salem

      #11-11/14/05 Hillsbor

      #12-04/18/06 Vancouver

      Local Authorities Recover Lost Children

      Oregon Alert # 9 (above) issued from Mt. Angel. This child was recovered when a tip from a Sweet Home Boy whheard the amber alert saw the suspect while hunting with his father.

      The tip resulted in the recovery of the abducted child only after a shoot out with Linn County Sheriff Deputies Micah W. Smith and Corporal Michael Harmon.
      Deputy Micah W. Smith and Corporal Michael Harmon of the Linn County Sheriff's Office in Albany, OR National Missing Children's Law Enforcement Award Amber Alert
      Deputy Micah W. Smith and Corporal Michael Harmon of the Linn County Sheriff's Office in Albany, OR receiving the National Missing Children's Law Enforcement Award in 2005.
      The Deputies received a National Missing Children's Law Enforcement Award for recovering 11-year-old Tanner Kahn, whdisappeared while waiting at a bus stop.

      The kidnapper in the course of the recovery fired upon the officers. For more information and pictures of Deputies Micah W. Smith and Corporal Michael Harmon of the Linn County Sheriff's Office check out the web site from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

      Letter from Assistant U. S. Attorney General:

      This letter was received at the OAB (Oregon Association of Broadcasters) office and was passed along tstatewide radiand television OAB members. It's from Ms. Deborah J. Daniels, Assistant U. S. Attorney General.
      Dear Broadcasters:

      With your help over the past twyears, we have made remarkable strides in our efforts tsafely recover abducted children through the AMBER Alert program. As of today, AMBER Alerts have been instrumental in recovering 176 children across the country!

      We have made significant improvements in the management and communication operations of the AMBER Alert program at the local, state, and regional level. Through federal coordination, the adoption of consistent AMBER Alert criteria has increased and partnerships with broadcasters and transportation officials have been strengthened. In addition, comprehensive child recovery strategies have been implemented, the focus on child safety has been enhanced, and public awareness about missing children has greatly improved.

      Although we have made tremendous progress, as the AMBER Alert program continues tgrow nationwide, we must focus on the importance of educating the public about the purpose of the AMBER Alert program and their role in helping recover missing children. Several months ag, the Department of Justice, in cooperation with John Walsh and Ed Smart, prepared three Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on AMBER Alert. These PSAs were distributed in September 2004 at the second National AMBER Alert conference and subsequently mailed tAMBER Alert coordinators and hundreds of radiand television stations across the country. The PSAs have alscontinued tbe available through the Amber Alert Web Site. ­

      In an effort tkeep AMBER Alert foremost on the minds of Americans, I would like task for your help in formally recognizing the day Amber Hagerman was abducted, January 13th. In remembrance of Amber, I am asking each Broadcaster tair the AMBER Alert PSAs on January 13th, and tmake missing children a primary focus of the day. By providing information for news stories on local children whhave been abducted and are still missing, the background of the national AMBER Alert program, and your particular program's impact, your community will be greatly served. I am alsworking with the National AMBER Alert Coordinating Group thelp disseminate information about the AMBER Alert program.

      I hope you will participate in this national effort. Thank you for your assistance in making a significant impact on this important program. It is clear that together we are making a difference.

      Deborah J. Daniels
      Assistant Attorney General
      Security Alarm Corporation

      News Release from Oregon State Police (OSP)
      Amber Alert Program Update


      Lieutenant Colonel Greg Willeford
      Oregon State Police - General Headquarters
      Phone: (503) 378-3725 ext. 4103

      (Salem, Oregon) - The effectiveness of Oregon's AMBER Alert program coincides with the successes announced nationally in a Department of Justice Report tthe White House. Since the Oregon AMBER Alert program was put intplace with an executive order in November 2002, ten children have been located and recovered during nine-program activation's.

      "We are very pleased with the successes attributed tthe Oregon AMBER Alert System and the wonderful partnership that it signifies between law enforcement, the media, transportation officials and the public," said Lieutenant Colonel Greg Willeford.

      The Oregon AMBER Alert plan is a voluntary partnership among Oregon law enforcement agencies, Oregon Department of Transportation, and Oregon Broadcasters. Additional program information, including an updated tally of alert activation's and number of children recovered, can be obtained on the Oregon State Police Missing Children Clearinghouse website at

      The Oregon AMBER Alert sends out an emergency alert tthe public when a child has been abducted and is believed tbe in grave danger. There are established criteria tinitiate an AMBER alert, and it may only be done by a law enforcement agency.

      An AMBER Alert uses electronic highway signs and the Emergency Alert System tnotify the public of an abduction. Highway signs will alert motorists of an AMBER Alert and provide relevant information regarding the abducted child. If someone observes the suspect vehicle mentioned in an alert broadcast, law enforcement may be contacted by calling 1-866-5AMBER5 or 9-1-1.

      ### OSP ###

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