Dick Manning

1935 - 2003


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Dick Manning Remembrances

by: Charlie Eads (7/7 & 7/8/03)

(Dick died on Tuesday morning, July 1, 2003)

 (1) First met Dick 27 years ago (1976) when he and Gary Capps hired me for my first full-time radio job.     He's been a good friend and off and on a co-worker in radio ever since.

(2) Dick was a good boss....pretty low key.   He had a good sales staff and he gave us plenty of rope.   We enjoyed his "Back in LaPorte" or "Back in Indiana" stories of his early days in radio.   One incident in Bend tells a lot about Dick.   He was everyone's friend and we kidded him about this for years.....he was making sales calls in town and spotted a car with an Indiana license plate so he (and these were his words) "Honked him over for coffee."    After that we were always asking him....."So...did you honk them over for coffee?    He was a good sport.

(3) When we were both still working in Bend we were on a sales-related trip to Portland and on the way back we got the news on the radio that Elvis had died.   That would have been August 16, 1977.    We took the opportunity to reminisce about Dick's early days in radio and both of our impressions of Elvis.

(4) Dick has been with Eads Broadcasting/KGAL/KSHO off and on since the early 80's.....non-stop since October 1, 1990.   In the 80's he was part of the celebrated Dawnbusters morning team on AM 920 with Doug LaValle.  Dick was the News Director and did some sales.  In 1993 he became Sales Manager....later stepping down from that position for health reasons.....continued in sales to this day.     He was calling on one of his favorite clients...Arnold Beggs at Beggs Tires in Philomath when he died.

(5) I'll miss all the stories that Dick had filed away in his memory.   He would kid me about my sensitive nose.   Before he came to work for me the 2nd time he was passing through Albany and stayed with me a night or two.   He was still a smoker at that time and he snuck out on my back deck for a cigarette.   I was upstairs in my bedroom and after a minute or so he heard me holler.....  "Manning....don't smoke in my house!"   He couldn't  believe it!




 (6) Dick was dedicated to his radio advertising clients.   He became fast friends with most of them and was quick to share in their successes and business reversals.   I remember when Albany Hardware closed.   It was a real blow.....another locally owned business going under.     It didn't matter if the clients had a lot of money for advertising or not.....Dick would roll up his sleeves and get to work. 

(7) When we put AM 1580 on the air Dick was a strong proponent of local talk.   He was the originator of Valley Talk....in fact it was called "Valley Talk with Dick Manning."   Over the years he's had just about every government official and newsmaker in the area on his show....plus plenty of human interest stories and other things of local interest.    The show continues every weekday from our downtown Albany studio....11AM to noon.

(8) Dick has had a number of health challenges and close calls over the years.    He's stayed active and involved under circumstances that most people would have stayed home in bed.   He and I had a number of sessions where he discussed final arrangements and the fact that he was "getting his affairs in order."    It got to the point that I would kid him (as only good friends can) about "getting his affairs in order" again and that he would probably outlive us all!    Little did we know when he announced at a sales meeting recently that the doctor had given him no more than a year, that he would be gone in just a few short weeks.

(9) Tribute Excerpt:  Whenever you heard him...in person, on stage, live on the air or delivering one of his expressive commercials...he demanded attention.   An honest man...a passionate man.   You could feel the passion and commitment in his commercials and in his public service involvement, and you listened...not only, because you may have known about his battle with cancer or because he was one of the longest living heart transplant recipients; but because whenever he spoke, you knew he was a friend.    We lost Dick Manning doing what he loved....working in radio, serving one of his longtime clients, when his overachieving heart finally failed.    We'll miss him.  To paraphrase the closing from his radio show....IT'S BEEN OUR PLEASURE, DICK; WE KNOW IT'S BEEN YOURS.


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